How Modern Web Works?

Search Engines: Search engines operate by two main functions which are to crawl the web to build its index and then delivering those web pages to its visitors. When a visitor is looking for something on the web, they will search some key terms aka keywords in a search engine. The search engine will then use a complex algorithm to rank websites within its index to the visitor which it deems as most relevant to the searcher’s needs.

How Search Engines Work: Search engines work by crawling billions of webpages on the web and then placing those pages within its index. The crawling process happens by way of using links from one page to another, search engines have developed a crawler bot aka Spider bot which will scour through the web collecting and indexing billions of sites into its index everyday around the clock.

Spider Bot – The spider is simply a programmed bot that works similar to a viral infection as in that it divides and spreads at a very rapid rate by scanning a webpage, adding that page to the search network and then dividing and multiplying itself to enter through every single external link on that page then continuously scanning more and more pages to the index.

Search Index – Search engines spend millions of dollars on state of the art hardware technology to store its search index with billions of web pages on the web. This index is then manipulated through different algorithms to withdraw relevant information for any topic at the blink of an eye.

Search Algorithm – The search algorithm is a very complex mathematical equation; it is constantly refined and restructured in order to meet search user’s needs more accurately via filtering and ranking webpages within the search index. The algorithm’s main purpose is to organize that data collected in the search index into a ranking of webpages for the specified user keyword.

What is SERP?

The ‘Search Engine Results Page’ commonly known as SERP is the actual results page that is received by the visitor when he searches something in the search engine. When a visitor searches a specific keyword into a search engine, the keyword is then sent to the search algorithm which then manipulates and filters the search index into ranked results which is sorted by relevancy to the visitor’s search keyword. These ranked results are then presented to the visitor on the SERP where the visitor can then visit these results to attain the information that they seek.

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